As the gaffer and the oprerator of the B cam I experienced a nice weekend with Wiener Blond and the whole production team for their newest music video. I want to thank my great lighting crew around Caspar Thiel (best boy) and Valentin Wanker - in the same breath a big thank’s to Klaus Track (cinematographer) and Binsar Pandjaitan (1st AC) and of course to the rest of the crew. Being a very sponateous part of the project I was not able to attend any pre-production-meeting. This was an interestingly new perspective for me - I like to take care of lighting plans, check out considered locations, talk with the cinematographer about the intended look, etc in prep and without having a bigger plan for every shot it was definitively more exciting because: I never knew what's coming next. But it was good to see that a well attuned crew is able to manage the chaos and transform it into really interesting shots. Here you can take a look at some behind-the-scenes shots taken with my 5d Mark III.