After receiving a request for a photoshoot from an upcoming viennese fashion designer Tanja Hübner Wednesday last week, we decided to shoot her newest collection on Sunday in a studio of a dear fellow in Vienna ( Without having too much time for preperation there was plenty of room for improvisation - lucky as we’ve been we found some nice furniture inside the studio which complemented the colours and the look of the collection nicely. We have been a small team of four persons due to budgetary reasons. Julia and Tanja herself have been modeling as well as doing the make-up and their hair on their own. Caspar Thiel has been solid as rock once again in helping and inspiring our team. All photos are taken with my 5d Mk III and the Canon 24-105mm. Aperture was around f8 all the time. The photos are going to be a part next to sketches and samples inside the lookbook for the collection.


As the gaffer and the oprerator of the B cam I experienced a nice weekend with Wiener Blond and the whole production team for their newest music video. I want to thank my great lighting crew around Caspar Thiel (best boy) and Valentin Wanker - in the same breath a big thank’s to Klaus Track (cinematographer) and Binsar Pandjaitan (1st AC) and of course to the rest of the crew. Being a very sponateous part of the project I was not able to attend any pre-production-meeting. This was an interestingly new perspective for me - I like to take care of lighting plans, check out considered locations, talk with the cinematographer about the intended look, etc in prep and without having a bigger plan for every shot it was definitively more exciting because: I never knew what's coming next. But it was good to see that a well attuned crew is able to manage the chaos and transform it into really interesting shots. Here you can take a look at some behind-the-scenes shots taken with my 5d Mark III.


Beethoven's world famous Symphony No. 9 was not just the theme-song of Kubrick's classic "A Clockwork Orange" (1971) - it serves as the European anthem as well and in addition it also acts as a symbol of peace in Japan.

Especially the "Ode to Joy" enjoys immense popularity and is regularly sung by professionals and amateur singers all around Japan. This passion is part of the performance of the 9th Symphony in it's hometown Vienna - the japanese singers express their enthusiasm for this piece of music as well as their commitment to peace and solidarity among nations.

All profits of the concert will be donated to the sufferers in the Tohoku region, which continue to live in temporary accomodation because of the severe earthquake and the tragedy around Fukushima 2011.

The photos are taken with my Canon 5d Mark III. Lenses used: Canon L 24mm 1.4 / 50mm 1.2 / 135mm 2.0 / 16-35mm 2.8 / 100-300mm 4.0-5.6 /